Water Damage Inspections: What to Know

This summer, Texas experienced disastrous flooding. Texas homeowners’ troubles did not end after the water receded. Home flood damage, even from minor flooding, can be an incredibly costly problem.

The level of damage a house suffers from flooding largely depends on the type and extent of the leak. That is why it is always a good idea to have your house thoroughly inspected for water leaks. Identifying a pipe or faucet leak early on can go a long way in reducing the costs associated with advanced home repairs.

It is recommended that you have your house inspected annually. Attention should be paid to moisture levels both in wet areas – such as the kitchen and bathroom – and throughout the residence. Is there a corner in the basement where your builders positioned a large pipe junction? Elements such as this regularly for leaks.

Water heaters need inspecting as well. As much as seven million water heaters experience a form of mechanical failure every year and these failures can cause water damage.

Most leaks present signs as the water spreads across walls or seeps through the floor. It is important to check for mold or dampness in the rooms or a sudden clouding of the paint on the walls and ceiling. When the pipe ruptures at a “T” section or the toilet starts to leak, the leak can be easily identified. Of course, certain leaks are much harder to notice when they occur deep within small spaces in your walls. That is precisely why you need a qualified inspector to inspect every inch of your elaborate piping network.

During a professional inspection, both the inside and the outside of the house are inspected for early warning signs and areas such as drains, roofs and crawl spaces are all studied for evidence of water penetration.

Mold is present in almost every house and when given the opportunity, it will grow to become a serious health hazard and a cause of damage. Have your home inspected regularly for moisture levels, water flow, and drainage. This will prevent any major damage to occur.