Mix-and-match finishes and essential-oil-infused showers were two standouts at the 2020 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

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The Future of the Shower Experience

Showering has changed dramatically in the last few years as companies introduced fancy new features such as steam, dual shower heads, waterproof speakers and more. But looking at the displays at KBIS, it’s clear that companies have pumped a lot of investment into research and design to develop even more captivating and better-performing features.

Moen, for example, debuted its Aromatherapy hand shower, pictured, which allows the user to insert pods or capsules of essential oils into the shower head to infuse the spray with, for example, lavender, tea tree and vanilla oils to create a calming experience. If you want a more energizing shower, swap in a capsule filled with essential oils of lemon, Scots pine and cistus (an aromatic flowering shrub). You can adjust a dilution setting to increase or decrease the amount of oil released into the spray.

The fragrance capsules will be made in France and the essential oils curated by master perfumer Jean-Charles Sommerard. “Scents play a powerful role in our mental state and impact our emotional well-being, from relaxation to reinvigoration, and each of these fragrances have been specially composed to provide specific sensory experiences,” Sommerard said in a press release from Moen. “Warm water dilates the pores, allowing you to enjoy the various benefits of the essential oils both on the body and through inhalation. After the shower, you can linger a little longer in the olfactory bubble that will persist in the bathroom to continue this moment of luxury.”

The company says the capsules will not leave scent or oily residue on the tub, hair or skin.