Flooring Services in Dallas, TX

flooring services in dallas

Flooring has a significant effect on the comfort and allure of your home. The contractors at Creative Construction & Remodeling offer home flooring services in Dallas, TX.

Whether you want something stylish, natural, or functional, our flooring services will meet your needs. We can professionally install all types of floors, including:

  • Carpet. Adding both warmth a comfort, carpet is an easy-to-install flooring option for any building. It can help insulate sound, as well as temperatures, and hide any irregularities that may appear on your subfloor. Carpet is a functional, economical choice, especially for families, that can still add beauty and elegance to your home.
  • Hardwood. A classic choice, long favored for its durability and style, hardwood provides a strong, resilient floor that is still easy to maintain.
  • Tile. A wide variety of colors and textures mean that there is a tile to fit all tastes. Tiles can be used for flooring, on walls, backsplashes, and as accent pieces. Ceramic tile offers a classy appearance that is functional and long-lasting.
  • Vinyl. An affordable option, long praised for its versatility, vinyl can be printed to mimic the appearance of tile, hardwood, or stone, but at a fraction of the cost or the need for later repair.
  • Laminate. With a huge range of options, laminate can be made to fit almost any kitchen design scheme. Whether you want something formal, relaxed, modern, or traditional, there is a laminate option for you.
  • Bamboo. Widely considered the strongest, most durable plant material available, bamboo also looks great. It provides a natural accent that resembles a hardwood floor. Bamboo is resistant to moisture and does not need to be mopped. It is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.
  • Cork. A newer flooring material, cork can be an alternative to hardwood floors because of its durable texture. Cork is produced in a diverse range of color tones. You will be able to find the perfect compliment to your existing design theme.
  • Linoleum. Strong, durable, sustainable, and stylish, linoleum has long been a popular choice for flooring in many rooms. The pioneering design means that it is easy to clean and long-lasting.

Our Texas flooring contractors will enhance the value of your home. To take advantage of our home flooring services, contact us online or call 972-342-7232.