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Home Roofing Contractors

home roofing contractors

Home Roofing Contractors in Dallas, TX

Did you know that a damaged roof jeopardizes the integrity of your building structure? A leaking roof can damage your walls and even collapse, endangering everybody in your house. Before or when your roof system fails, call professional home roofing contractors right away.

Creative Construction & Remodeling provides services in Dallas. Our experienced team of home roofing contractors offer solutions for aging roofs, severe weather damage, defective material, poor workmanship, and new installations. Your roof is the first line of defense against cold, heat, and wind. Especially in case of a storm or severe weather, it may be necessary to check for bends, cracks and leaks.

Roof Repair

Our team will perform an initial roof inspection in order to check its condition and determine where to make adjustments (e.g. caulking). Whether you are modifying the house before putting it on the market or a storm passed over your neighborhood produced damage, roofing is generally a risky job that requires professional assistance.

When it comes to home roof repair, it is in your best interest to avoid do-it-yourself manuals and tutorials. The quality of service offered by an experienced local roofing company will allow you to rest for years without needing to worry about a rust or leaks.

Roof Maintenance

Because of the risks associated with roof repair, it is recommended that you hire a contractor to perform annual or semi-annual inspections to detect failures and weakness on the structure and identify potential problems before the damage becomes extensive. Creative Construction & Remodeling offers maintenance for Texas homeowners.

Our home roofing contractors can offer advice on protecting your roof and identifying possible causes of damage to prevent a costly repair and the need for re-roofing. Call our friendly staff today at 972-342-7232 and receive a free estimate.