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2016 is a Record Year For Real Estate in North Texas

North Texas is experiencing a surge in home real estate prices, Dallas News reports. The area of the state witnessed the average price for a home soar up 12 percent in September. That figure marks the biggest year-over-year 2016 gain in what has turned out to be a record year for the housing market.

The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University released new data on median housing prices for 2016. According to the report, median sales prices of preowned, single-family homes rose to $225,000. North Texas Real Estate Information Systems further verified the information. Prices are still 10 percent higher in the third quarter than they were during the same period in 2015.

Some of these homes in Dallas and Fort Worth have seen a 40+ percent price increase in only five years. Furthermore, this jump in price has lead to less sales. Housing sales suffered by 11 percent in September alone.

The first nine months of 2016 saw a record 78,154 houses sold by agents in the market. Despite lower sales, more than 9,500 preowned, single-family houses were sold by real estate agents in Dallas-Fort Worth in September. As a result of increased sales, housing inventory in the area has fallen and remained at very low levels. Compared to September 2015, the number of houses in North Texas listed for sale by real estate agents decreased by 3 percent. This is interesting considering that in this area, it takes less than 40 days on average to sell a house.

Dallas Handyman Services

dallas handyman services

Handyman services consist of minor or major home improvement projects, including repairs, updates, or renovations, that generally take less than 8 hours of labor to complete.

Finding a qualified and trustworthy contractor to complete these projects can be a frustrating experience. Reputable and insured contractors with large scale companies cannot always perform smaller jobs at cost-effective rates. These companies are not set up to handle high customer traffic, often failing to return inquiries or fit each prospective client into their schedule. They also require minimum labor rates.

Creative Construction Remodeling has the solution for you. We understand that regular maintenance and improvement is the best way to protect your investment. Making those smaller, less immediate repairs before they cause a much more expensive problem is our number one priority.

We offer Dallas customers superior handyman services for two reasons. One, because we have the knowledge and skills needed to do so, and two, we have been doing this for more than a decade and are the preferred contractors in the Dallas, TX region.

Our Dallas Handyman Services Include:

  • Electrical fixture replacement and repairs
  • Plumbing fixture replacement and repairs
  • Painting jobs and drywall repairs
  • Interior & exterior carpentry repairs
  • Routine maintenance
  • Siding and trim repairs
  • Power washing
  • And more…

Do you need Dallas handyman services? Contact Creative Construction Remodeling online or by calling 972-342-7232 today to set up an appointment!

Dallas Siding Contractor

Siding Contractor

Are you in need of a professional exterior siding contractor in the Dallas, TX region? Contact the professionals at Creative Construction & Remodeling.

Siding is crucial component of exterior home design. After a while, however, the exterior layer on your home will begin to wear. It may even need to be replaced. If it is 10 more years old, it might be time to call a siding contractor.

Signs that your home’s exterior siding needs repair or replacement:

  • Warped / broken panels. Panels that are no longer flat against the residence no longer provide adequate protection from outdoor elements such as wind, rain and snow. Age and wear-and-tear can cause panels to become damaged or bent.
  • Mold/mildew. If there is mold or mildew growing, or if you can smell it growing on the outside of your house, excess moisture in that particular area may be to blame. Loose or bent material can allow water to accumulate, causing water damage. This impacts the integrity of the structure and can cause more serious problems.
  • Aesthetic issues. Old or worn material can cause the outer appearance of your residence to suffer, even if it is not actually damaged. Dented or scuffed siding impacts the overall aesthetic quality of the structure’s design. A dull gray, for example, looks many shades darker next to a pure white panel. An upgrade will reinvigorate your home’s design.

Having an intact and reliable exterior is crucial to the appearance and structural integrity of your home. It will keep your house safe from the elements, aids in keeping warm or cool air in the home and will impress your neighbors.

Whether you are long overdue for replacing damaged siding, or just want to reinvent the look of your home, contact a professional Dallas exterior siding contractor. Call Creative Construction & Remodeling today!

Basement Finishing in Dallas, TX

basement finishing

We offer fast, dependable and professional basement finishing services in the Dallas, TX region. Contact the basement remodeling contractors at Creative Construction & Remodeling today!

Despite making up to a third of your living space, basements are one of the most ignored parts of a home. For years, we Creative Construction & Remodeling have dedicated ourselves and applied our expertise to transform basements in and around Dallas, TX area. With your input in mind, we will design your basement’s floor plan, hand-pick the highest quality materials and manage the entire project. We will help you decide what works for your house and present you with creative basement finishing ideas that will suit your personal style.

In order to convert your basement into a better and more enjoyable space, there are a number of factors that must be considered. Here is a list of the most important elements that we take into account when working on your basement finishing project.

  • Waterproofing and flood prevention
  • Trim and decorative moldings
  • Proper planning of your space and storage areas
  • Convenient climate control
  • Clear planning for phone and computer cables
  • Optional play rooms for children with magnetic walls and chalkboards
  • Modifications of bathrooms
  • Selecting proper flooring materials
  • Laundry and mud rooms
  • Framing concerns to reduce bulkheads
  • Proper space allocation for basement home theaters and appropriate lighting
  • Creative ideas for shelving

Is time for a basement remodel? If you are located anywhere near Dallas, TX and are in need of basement finishing services, you can schedule a consultation with our experts today. We will be happy to discuss your basement remodeling ideas. Contact us online us or call 972-342-7232.

Window Replacement in Dallas, TX

window replacement

Professional window replacement services in the Dallas, TX region. Contact the window installation contractors at Creative Construction & Remodeling today!

There are a thousand reasons why you should consider window replacement. Maybe you have noticed that the panes do not sparkle quite as much as they used to. Maybe you have been slowly feeling the pinch as far your electric bill is concerned. Maybe the neighbor’s kid has driven a ball right through your window, shattering it into a thousand different pieces.

You have undoubtedly thought about making several improvements to your home. If the installation of new windows is one of those improvements, you should know that using a professional window installation service is the best way to go. Before you go out and hire a substandard home improvement company, however, you should know that the ideal window replacement professional should be able to offer you the following:

Excellent window installation. Whether you want single or double-hung windows or bow or bay windows, a professional window specialist should be able to give you many window installation options so that you can find one that matches your vision.

Window repair services. Sometimes, it is not about new windows. It is about the repair of old favored ones. A professional window replacement contractor should be able to repair your current windows to make them more energy efficient while keeping the same style.

Installation of sliding doors. If you are going to upgrade, why not go “all the way”? Sliding doors are a wonderful addition to your home’s aesthetic appeal. Your window replacement company should be able to install a new sliding door for you as well.

Whether it is for curb appeal or for efficiency, when you consider professional window replacement in Dallas, TX, choose a company that offers you great value for money. Consider Creative Construction & Remodeling.

Deck Builder in Dallas, TX

deck builder dallas tx

Custom Dallas Deck Builder With a Personalized Touch

No deck is too big or small for us. Call a deck builder from Creative Construction & Remodeling today and begin the process of owning a gorgeous custom deck in Dallas, TX!

Did you know that more than two million decks are built and replaced in the U.S every year? After all, a perfectly constructed deck beautifully bridges the gap between the indoors and outdoors, providing a comfortable and inviting space to enjoy your backyard. More importantly, it affords you the opportunity to increase the square footage of your home without building additions or renovations.

Far from being a rectangle in the back of the house, a deck has to synchronize with the way you live. Unlike other rooms in your home, your deck has to handle exposure to the elements as well. That is why you will benefit from our expertise. The deck builders at Creative Construction & Remodeling begin each project with a personalized consultation in which we listen to your ideas and ensure that the deck we build best fits your lifestyle. Simply put, we pay attention to the small details in order to make your dream deck a reality.

As deck building professionals, we understand the importance of quality assurance when looking for deck building materials. That is why we handpick the highest quality materials and combine your needs and desires with our knowledge and expertise to create the perfect deck. For example, if you desire a maintenance-free deck with high anti-slip properties, a composite deck might just be the thing for you. You can always count on us regardless of your requirements.

At Creative Construction & Remodeling, we understand how crucial personal touches and attention to detail are when building a deck. That is why our custom deck builders construct additions with your needs in mind. If you live in the Dallas, TX region, contact us today!