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    For over twenty years, Creative Construction Remodeling, LLC has been beautifying homes
    throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Our experts will use our master craftsmanship, our
    unending sense of creativity and attention to detail to ensure all of your dreams become reality.

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    For over twenty years, Creative Construction Remodeling, LLC has been beautifying homes
    throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Our experts will use our master craftsmanship, our
    unending sense of creativity and attention to detail to ensure all of your dreams become reality.

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  • Dallas Remodelers



    For over twenty years, Creative Construction Remodeling, LLC has been beautifying homes
    throughout the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. Our experts will use our master craftsmanship, our
    unending sense of creativity and attention to detail to ensure all of your dreams become reality.

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Mix-and-match finishes and essential-oil-infused showers were two standouts at the 2020 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show

See the Latest Trends in Bathroom Faucets, Showers, Tubs and More

The Future of the Shower Experience

Showering has changed dramatically in the last few years as companies introduced fancy new features such as steam, dual shower heads, waterproof speakers and more. But looking at the displays at KBIS, it’s clear that companies have pumped a lot of investment into research and design to develop even more captivating and better-performing features.

Moen, for example, debuted its Aromatherapy hand shower, pictured, which allows the user to insert pods or capsules of essential oils into the shower head to infuse the spray with, for example, lavender, tea tree and vanilla oils to create a calming experience. If you want a more energizing shower, swap in a capsule filled with essential oils of lemon, Scots pine and cistus (an aromatic flowering shrub). You can adjust a dilution setting to increase or decrease the amount of oil released into the spray.

The fragrance capsules will be made in France and the essential oils curated by master perfumer Jean-Charles Sommerard. “Scents play a powerful role in our mental state and impact our emotional well-being, from relaxation to reinvigoration, and each of these fragrances have been specially composed to provide specific sensory experiences,” Sommerard said in a press release from Moen. “Warm water dilates the pores, allowing you to enjoy the various benefits of the essential oils both on the body and through inhalation. After the shower, you can linger a little longer in the olfactory bubble that will persist in the bathroom to continue this moment of luxury.”

The company says the capsules will not leave scent or oily residue on the tub, hair or skin.

How to Make a Small House Appear More Spacious

If your house is small or it feels cramped, there are several steps you can take to make use of the available space and make your home’s interior look larger. These steps include the following.

Make use of shelves. Shelves are a great option for storing items in an orderly manner. They can save you floor space and let you display items that you would otherwise find hard to display.

Store items vertically. If your floor space is limited, try to store your belongings vertically. This way, you will use less floor space so you can freely move around the room and even add extra furniture.

Utilize hidden storage. Hidden storage is useful if you want to tidy up the room and eliminate clutter. When your room is less cluttered, it looks spacious. This is particularly important if you live in a small house. Invest in tables and beds with drawers and even chairs that fold up for extra space.

Choose multipurpose furniture. If your house has limited space, buy furniture that can either serve multiple purposes or be easily stored. For instance, a sofa bed is a perfect if you wish to have both a bed and sofa in your room. You can also get a table that is extendable or can be folded and stored for extra space.

De-clutter your space. If your home is small, you will have no choice but to keep some things and throw away others. Go through all your belongings every few months and decide what to keep and what to discard. If you have not worn a clothing item or used something for a while, you should probably donate it or throw it away.

Maximize the use of loft space. If your house has a loft, make use of it. Otherwise it will just be a waste of space. You can store books, furniture, clothes, photos, appliances and documents you rarely use. If your garage or shed space is free, you can also store your items there.

De-cluttering your home will not only make it look bigger and cleaner, it will also help reduce your stress level.

Texas Housing Market Continues to Grow in 2020 too.

It is unlikely that Texas housing markets will slow down in the near future, with the most recent Quarterly Housing Report from the Texas Association of Realtors showing the market is only becoming stronger. This has occurred despite a fallback in the Texas economy.

Considering the latest deceleration of the Texas economy, the feat of the Texas housing market in the third quarter is extraordinary.

The demand for housing in Texas is exceeding supply, propelling home prices higher. As stated in the report, more than 90,000 homes were sold in Texas between July and September. The median price for homes in Texas went up in the same timespan by 7 percent.

Although the progress may appear trivial, considering that 2015 saw record-breaking sales, any growth is noteworthy. Texas housing sales in 2016 are steadily pushing out last year’s sales numbers. In numerous local markets, that increase is big.

Housing supply has had difficulty increasing, with inventory moving up in the third quarter. This indicated an increase of 0.1 months from the same time period in 2015. In addition, current listings increased by roughly 4 percent.

Texas homes spent on average one day longer on the market than during same quarter of 2015.

This report from the Texas Association of Realtors does not verify the market is in a real estate bubble, but its findings do not indicate it is not a possibility.

2016 is a Record Year For Real Estate in North Texas

North Texas is experiencing a surge in home real estate prices, Dallas News reports. The area of the state witnessed the average price for a home soar up 12 percent in September. That figure marks the biggest year-over-year 2016 gain in what has turned out to be a record year for the housing market.

The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University released new data on median housing prices for 2016. According to the report, median sales prices of preowned, single-family homes rose to $225,000. North Texas Real Estate Information Systems further verified the information. Prices are still 10 percent higher in the third quarter than they were during the same period in 2015.

Some of these homes in Dallas and Fort Worth have seen a 40+ percent price increase in only five years. Furthermore, this jump in price has lead to less sales. Housing sales suffered by 11 percent in September alone.

The first nine months of 2016 saw a record 78,154 houses sold by agents in the market. Despite lower sales, more than 9,500 preowned, single-family houses were sold by real estate agents in Dallas-Fort Worth in September. As a result of increased sales, housing inventory in the area has fallen and remained at very low levels. Compared to September 2015, the number of houses in North Texas listed for sale by real estate agents decreased by 3 percent. This is interesting considering that in this area, it takes less than 40 days on average to sell a house.

Dallas Handyman Services

dallas handyman services

Handyman services consist of minor or major home improvement projects, including repairs, updates, or renovations, that generally take less than 8 hours of labor to complete.

Finding a qualified and trustworthy contractor to complete these projects can be a frustrating experience. Reputable and insured contractors with large scale companies cannot always perform smaller jobs at cost-effective rates. These companies are not set up to handle high customer traffic, often failing to return inquiries or fit each prospective client into their schedule. They also require minimum labor rates.

Creative Construction Remodeling has the solution for you. We understand that regular maintenance and improvement is the best way to protect your investment. Making those smaller, less immediate repairs before they cause a much more expensive problem is our number one priority.

We offer Dallas customers superior handyman services for two reasons. One, because we have the knowledge and skills needed to do so, and two, we have been doing this for more than a decade and are the preferred contractors in the Dallas, TX region.

Our Dallas Handyman Services Include:

  • Electrical fixture replacement and repairs
  • Plumbing fixture replacement and repairs
  • Painting jobs and drywall repairs
  • Interior & exterior carpentry repairs
  • Routine maintenance
  • Siding and trim repairs
  • Power washing
  • And more…

Do you need Dallas handyman services? Contact Creative Construction Remodeling online or by calling 972-342-7232 today to set up an appointment!

Water Damage Inspections: What to Know

This summer, Texas experienced disastrous flooding. Texas homeowners’ troubles did not end after the water receded. Home flood damage, even from minor flooding, can be an incredibly costly problem.

The level of damage a house suffers from flooding largely depends on the type and extent of the leak. That is why it is always a good idea to have your house thoroughly inspected for water leaks. Identifying a pipe or faucet leak early on can go a long way in reducing the costs associated with advanced home repairs.

It is recommended that you have your house inspected annually. Attention should be paid to moisture levels both in wet areas – such as the kitchen and bathroom – and throughout the residence. Is there a corner in the basement where your builders positioned a large pipe junction? Elements such as this regularly for leaks.

Water heaters need inspecting as well. As much as seven million water heaters experience a form of mechanical failure every year and these failures can cause water damage.

Most leaks present signs as the water spreads across walls or seeps through the floor. It is important to check for mold or dampness in the rooms or a sudden clouding of the paint on the walls and ceiling. When the pipe ruptures at a “T” section or the toilet starts to leak, the leak can be easily identified. Of course, certain leaks are much harder to notice when they occur deep within small spaces in your walls. That is precisely why you need a qualified inspector to inspect every inch of your elaborate piping network.

During a professional inspection, both the inside and the outside of the house are inspected for early warning signs and areas such as drains, roofs and crawl spaces are all studied for evidence of water penetration.

Mold is present in almost every house and when given the opportunity, it will grow to become a serious health hazard and a cause of damage. Have your home inspected regularly for moisture levels, water flow, and drainage. This will prevent any major damage to occur.

Indoor Staircase Restoration and Maintenance Tips

Frequently used to access separate floors in your home, your indoor staircase is both a focal point and a high traffic area. Its heavy use can sometimes take a toll, and staircases can become dull and damaged over time. Fortunately there are several ways to revitalize your staircase. In some cases, you may only need to do a little cleaning.

When it comes to maintenance, it is recommended that you wipe your wooden staircase with a dry cloth, and then again with a damp microfiber cloth. Carpeted stairs should be vacuumed regularly. A metal staircase will probably need a commercial-grade cleaner that can be sprayed on and wiped off.

After cleaning, it is important to polish your staircase, especially if it is wooden. Make sure you choose a quality wood polish that matches your stair’s natural finish. If the staircase is painted, find paint that is a matching color and try to cover any areas where it may have chipped. If you find a comparable color, store it somewhere that is easy to access. That way you will be able to continue making quick touch ups as needed. This will save you the hassle of stripping, sanding, priming, and painting the staircase a new color.

Replacing the carpet on a staircase is another way to bring new life into your home. Carpeting comes in a wide range of colors and patterns. You are sure to find one that suits your design preferences. Make sure your choice compliments the hand rails and surrounding flooring. Carefully measure the stairs so you know how much carpet you will need. When you decide which carpet to buy, purchase a bit extra in case any installation miscalculations are made.

If you think you need to replace your stairs entirely, make sure you consult a licensed professional before making any decisions.

Texas is Very Popular With Foreign Homebuyers

DALLAS – Not only is it ranked as one of the best places for first-time local homebuyers; Texas is a top target for many foreign homebuyers. This could be due to the range of deserts or the luxury resorts in the state. Either way, a huge number of foreigners are purchasing homes in the Lone Star State.

As The Dallas News recently reported, a study shows that most of the foreign homebuyers in Texas hail from China, India and Mexico. According to the National Association of Realtors, it is the third more popular state in the country – after Florida and California – for international homebuyers.

Between March 2015 and March 2016, Canadians and Chinese buyers have purchased 215,000 of the total homes purchased by foreigners in America. They cover the largest share of foreign homebuyers in the nation.

Although their overall property acquisition has dropped compared to 2014-15, foreigners are spending billions on property possessions. Between April 2015 and March 2016, foreign homebuyers purchased properties worth more than $102 billion.

What led to the increase in sales by foreign homebuyers? It is most likely a result of the rise in home prices in America and the depreciated of foreign currency valued against the US dollar.

Many Chinese homebuyers move to the U.S. for investment purposes. Texas has the reputation as being a great place for investment opportunities. Chinese homebuyers have purchased Texas homes worth about $27.3 billion, while Canadians homebuyers purchased properties worth $8.9 billion.

Surprisingly, almost 50 percent of the foreigners purchased their homes in cash. The average price of these homes was $277,400.

Out of the homes acquired by the foreigners, 10 percent were purchased in Texas. Some of the top targets for the foreigners include Dallas and Houston. These two cities offer many tourist attractions, which could be a reason for the foreign interests.

$1.3 Billion Property Investment Made Near McKinney, TX

DALLAS – The Dallas Morning News recently reported a $1.3 billion property investment in the McKinney, TX region. This deal will result in a new retail development and 4,000 new homes.

Johnson Development and Tricon Capital move in on the Trinity Falls project.

The Trinity Falls site was established near Highway 75 in 2014. The Trinity Falls project is a 1,700 acre stretch of land that has been reserved for the development of new homes and a selection of new retail buildings.

Since the opening of the project, 700 homesites have been created by builders and around 300 complete homes have been constructed. This development looks set to accelerate now that Johnson Development Corporation and Tricon Capital have spent $1.3 billion buying up undeveloped sections of the site.

Homes, resorts and parks.

The ultimate objective for the Trinity Falls project is for it to comprise a selection of homes for single families – starting at around $250,000 – as well as pools, parks, wide green communal spaces and shops.

Trinity Falls already has the feel of a luxury, contemporary development. Currently, there are several homes occupied on the site. There is also a clubhouse, a pool and parks that run alongside the Trinity River.

This current level of home development and home buying has made Trinity Falls on of the top 10 most active communities in the Dallas region. It looks like the recent billion dollar investment is going to quickly stimulate further activity on the project.

An award winning developer.

Johnson Development Corp is already a well-known name in Texas. This firm is responsible for several high profile developments across Texas and Georgia. In Houston, it is responsible for the Harvest Green Farm project as well as the Willow Creek Farm project and the Cross Creek Ranch development project.

Dallas Plumber

dallas plumber

Do you need a Dallas plumber? Creative Construction & Remodeling is a professional plumbing company serving the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington, TX region.

As a Dallas plumber, Creative Construction Remodeling can handle any plumbing project or problem you are experiencing in your home or commercial structure.

Our Dallas Plumbing Services Include:

  • Bathroom plumbing. Bathroom plumbing services include: bath tub, toilet installation, unclogging services, sink and faucet installation, shower installation, repairs, instant hot water, and fixture remodeling.
  • Kitchen plumbing. Kitchen plumbing services include: sink and faucet installation, ice makers, garbage disposal units, appliance installation and connection, unclogging services (drains, sinks), instant hot water, and kitchen remodeling.
  • Drains, septic systems & sewers. We inspect, repair, and install home septic and sewer systems. These services include: high powered jet cleaning, unclogging, pipe repairs, pipe replacement, thawing services (frozen pipes), video inspection, and tree root damage or intrusion. We specialize in providing quality, minimally invasive projects that do little to alter the look of your landscape. Our expert plumbers provide information on how to keep your systems running efficiently throughout the year, saving you time and money.
  • Water heaters. Our experts find simple solutions for your water heating needs. We offer fast repairs and installations on hot water systems as well as energy efficient solutions like tankless water heaters. We work with a variety of brands to provide you with options suitable to your needs and budget. Our experts remain informed and certified on all new and old heating systems, and can repair and install any system on the market.
  • Leaks & pipes. We offer expert leak detection, as well as pipe repair and installation services. Our belief is that preventative inspections and maintenance is the more cost-effective solution to your plumbing problems.
  • Toilet plumbing. Our plumbers install and repair all varieties toilets. Whether you want or need high efficiency, or special access toilets, we will provide an efficient and reliable installation. We also offer unclogging services, and will provide you with information on proper maintenance for your specific model.
  • Remodeling & upgrades. A plumber from our team can offer you professional advice on remodeling and upgrading your plumbing system and fixtures. We can improve the efficiency, appearance, and comfort of your toilet and system for a more enjoyable and environmentally friendly residence.
  • Laundry plumbing. We offer laundry-specific services, including: unclogging, pipe replacement, and connection and installation services for washing machines, sinks, and faucets.
  • Water quality. Water quality is important no matter where you live. Water that is full of minerals or microbes, or that is too thick or smells bad should be addressed right away. A plumber from our team will set up your system to ensure you have consistently clean water. We also offer self-testing services to ensure water quality.
  • Commercial plumbing. We offer fast-response commercial plumbing services, including drinking fountains, pipes and drains, hot water solutions, refitting, toilets, and regular maintenance for local businesses.
  • Sump pumps. Areas with high flood rates require a professionally installed sump pump. We offer installation and maintenance services, as well as a variety of options for your sump pump needs. Why take the risk? Ask our experts for more information on sump pump installation.

Your home plumbing needs are unique.

Many homes in Dallas have unique plumbing systems and therefore have specific needs. As a part of the local community, we appreciate and value the need of a quality plumbing system. That is why you can count on Creative Construction Remodeling for all of your plumbing installation, maintenance, and repair needs. We provide quality solutions that suit your home and budget, and will walk through everything with you from start to finish. Nothing is done until you are fully informed and able to make a final decision. Our pricing is up-front and charged by job type instead of an hourly fee. Call us today to speak with one of our courteous representatives.

Home Roofing Contractors

home roofing contractors

Home Roofing Contractors in Dallas, TX

Did you know that a damaged roof jeopardizes the integrity of your building structure? A leaking roof can damage your walls and even collapse, endangering everybody in your house. Before or when your roof system fails, call professional home roofing contractors right away.

Creative Construction & Remodeling provides services in Dallas. Our experienced team of home roofing contractors offer solutions for aging roofs, severe weather damage, defective material, poor workmanship, and new installations. Your roof is the first line of defense against cold, heat, and wind. Especially in case of a storm or severe weather, it may be necessary to check for bends, cracks and leaks.

Roof Repair

Our team will perform an initial roof inspection in order to check its condition and determine where to make adjustments (e.g. caulking). Whether you are modifying the house before putting it on the market or a storm passed over your neighborhood produced damage, roofing is generally a risky job that requires professional assistance.

When it comes to home roof repair, it is in your best interest to avoid do-it-yourself manuals and tutorials. The quality of service offered by an experienced local roofing company will allow you to rest for years without needing to worry about a rust or leaks.

Roof Maintenance

Because of the risks associated with roof repair, it is recommended that you hire a contractor to perform annual or semi-annual inspections to detect failures and weakness on the structure and identify potential problems before the damage becomes extensive. Creative Construction & Remodeling offers maintenance for Texas homeowners.

Our home roofing contractors can offer advice on protecting your roof and identifying possible causes of damage to prevent a costly repair and the need for re-roofing. Call our friendly staff today at 972-342-7232 and receive a free estimate.

Tiling Services in Dallas, TX

tiling services

Creative Construction & Remodeling offers professional tiling services in the Dallas, TX region

No matter your reason for needing a tiling company, from floors and backsplashes to entire rooms, and no matter what color palette you might choose, our contractors know how to deliver the results you want. Our team is able to provide a wide range of tiling services, whether you want to add bold colors, or something more muted.

Tiling material we commonly work with includes:

  • Glass. Incorporating glass tiles into walls or floors is an excellent way to increase the amount of light in a room. In addition, glass is often created with recycled products, making it a “green” choice.
  • Ceramic. One of our most common materials, ceramic tiles offer a timeless look in a huge variety of colors and textures. Ceramic is also an environmentally conscious material and great for those who suffer from allergies.
  • Stone. Using stone is a great way to bring the feeling of the natural world into your home.
  • Subway & porcelain. This classic look provides a clean finish that works well with many kitchen or bathroom designs.
  • Mosaics. Our contractors have the experience to turn your home project into a work of art. Intricate designs can completely change the dynamic of your kitchen or bathroom.
  • Slate. A durable material that is great for entryways, slate offers a long-lasting alternative to traditional ceramic or porcelain.
  • Faux hardwood / porcelain. If you want to bring a natural look into your kitchen or bathroom, using tile that mimics hardwood features is a great option. It can last longer than actual wood.

The team at Creative Construction & Remodeling has the experience, understanding, and skill to accommodate any tiling project. To learn about our tiling services or to schedule a free consultation, contact us online or call 972-342-7232.

Flooring Services in Dallas, TX

flooring services in dallas

Flooring has a significant effect on the comfort and allure of your home. The contractors at Creative Construction & Remodeling offer home flooring services in Dallas, TX.

Whether you want something stylish, natural, or functional, our flooring services will meet your needs. We can professionally install all types of floors, including:

  • Carpet. Adding both warmth a comfort, carpet is an easy-to-install flooring option for any building. It can help insulate sound, as well as temperatures, and hide any irregularities that may appear on your subfloor. Carpet is a functional, economical choice, especially for families, that can still add beauty and elegance to your home.
  • Hardwood. A classic choice, long favored for its durability and style, hardwood provides a strong, resilient floor that is still easy to maintain.
  • Tile. A wide variety of colors and textures mean that there is a tile to fit all tastes. Tiles can be used for flooring, on walls, backsplashes, and as accent pieces. Ceramic tile offers a classy appearance that is functional and long-lasting.
  • Vinyl. An affordable option, long praised for its versatility, vinyl can be printed to mimic the appearance of tile, hardwood, or stone, but at a fraction of the cost or the need for later repair.
  • Laminate. With a huge range of options, laminate can be made to fit almost any kitchen design scheme. Whether you want something formal, relaxed, modern, or traditional, there is a laminate option for you.
  • Bamboo. Widely considered the strongest, most durable plant material available, bamboo also looks great. It provides a natural accent that resembles a hardwood floor. Bamboo is resistant to moisture and does not need to be mopped. It is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas.
  • Cork. A newer flooring material, cork can be an alternative to hardwood floors because of its durable texture. Cork is produced in a diverse range of color tones. You will be able to find the perfect compliment to your existing design theme.
  • Linoleum. Strong, durable, sustainable, and stylish, linoleum has long been a popular choice for flooring in many rooms. The pioneering design means that it is easy to clean and long-lasting.

Our Texas flooring contractors will enhance the value of your home. To take advantage of our home flooring services, contact us online or call 972-342-7232.

Home Improvement in Dallas

home improvement contractor

When you need an affordable, fast & reliable home improvement contractor in the Dallas, TX region, contact the professionals at Creative Construction & Remodeling.

Upgrading or even simply maintaining your home’s exterior is a great way to boost its curb appeal and protect its overall value. In fact, home improvements are among the best forms of sweat equity that you can invest in. This is especially true when you have an experienced home improvement contractor at the helm of these efforts.

Why consider us when you need a home improvement contractor?

  • Gain access to a more expansive array of affordable services. As a local home improvement contractor, we have the ability to offer an expansive array of services. We can assist you in bringing your design visions to life while you retain the ability to control your project costs.
  • Undivided attention. The absolute best way to ensure a smooth and seamless work process is by employing a home improvement contractor who can offer undivided attention. At Creative Construction & Remodeling, we can keep your improvement projects moving forward according to a schedule that is most convenient for you. We will minimize interruptions as well.
  • Superior workmanship. We stand proudly behind the work that we perform and we will not consider your job done until you are absolutely satisfied. With our help, you can beautify your property and keep it on par with local market values. You can also dramatically increase its level of usability and enjoyment.

When you need an experienced Texas home improvement contractor, contact Creative Construction & Remodeling online or by calling 972-342-7232. From siding and painting to bathroom remodels, we are prepared to take on any home improvement project that you need assistance with. We are looking forward to learning about your home needs and helping you improve the function and appeal of your entire property.

Home Renovation Contractors in Dallas

home renovation contractors dallas

Are you looking for dependable and cost-efficient home renovation contractors in the Dallas, TX region? Contact Creative Construction & Remodeling today for a FREE consultation.

Your house is more than roof over your head. Not only does it provide you with the shelter that you need; it is a reflection of your preferences in style. People often grow tired of the way certain rooms in their house look and feel. This is a sign that it is time to call Dallas home renovation contractors.

As an experienced Texas house renovation contractor, we are experienced providing the following services:

  • Window and door replacements
  • Bathroom Renovations
  • Kitchen Renovations
  • Staining and refinishing of cabinets
  • Flooring replacement
  • Exterior home renovations & siding work
  • Complete home remodels

The task of renovating your property must be assigned by a professional with experience in design, construction and renovation. Our team at Creative Construction & Remodeling brings immense knowledge and experience to the table, ensuring the highest quality of service with the best results.

With our deep understanding of the real estate market, we promise to provide you with the best renovation ideas for your property. Of course, we welcome your ideas and inspiration during our consultation sessions.

The perfect renovation for your house

From the basic replacement of fixtures to the makeover of your entire house, we efficiently handle all types of projects. We will produce beautiful renovations in every nook and corner of your residence.

Renovations with a high aesthetic appeal

The quality of your home renovation will be influenced by your contractor choice. A house renovation is a huge investment that cannot be left to the chance of fate. You require someone like us, who will understand your needs and desires and execute the project with thorough craftsmanship.

What makes us the most trusted home renovation contractors?

It is our goal to materialize the look that you have in your mind. We pay close attention to every detail by communicating with our clients. This way, we get everything right the first time, from the paint and finishing to the matching of fixtures. Our team performs every task with great care and discretion.

Home renovation influences your lifestyle and your property value. As your Dallas home renovation contractors, we regard your residence as if it were our own. We provide the highest quality work and deliver outstanding results. Call us today at 972-342-7232

Dallas Home Repair Contractor

home repair contractor

Are you in need of a home repair contractor in the Dallas, TX region? Contact the veteran professionals at Creative Construction & Remodeling.

Purchasing a house is a big accomplishment. Of course, you want to do everything possible to protect it and to make it as comfortable, safe and welcoming as possible. When you need an experienced home repair contractor in Dallas, TX, turn to the experts at the Creative Construction & Remodeling. Our trustworthy professionals are skilled in home repair and maintenance and respect your property as if it were our own.

Why contact us when you need a home repair contractor?

  • Peace of mind. Nature can strike at any moment. It is important that you are prepared for it. Strong winds, rain, snow and other weather threats like hail can all cause serious damage to your house. Sometimes you cannot control the damage. However, you can rely on our home repair professionals to fix the damage that occurred. This can give you peace of mind in an otherwise stressful situation.
  • Trust. Imagine having a close friend or relative who is a home repair professional and is always willing to assess and repair damage to your house. With the experts at Creative Construction & Remodeling, that is exactly what you get. We build a personal relationship with our customers so you can rest assured that you have a team of trustworthy professionals behind you.
  • Everything in one. While some companies only provide one or two specified services, we offer a plethora of services to make sure that your home gets the repairs it requires without running a number on your checkbook. This saves you time as well because you will not have to deal with multiple services during the repair process.

For fast, affordable and reliable help from a seasoned Texas home repair contractor, contact Creative Construction & Remodeling today! We offer FREE consultations. Contact us online or call us at 972-342-7232.

Dallas Siding Contractor

Siding Contractor

Are you in need of a professional exterior siding contractor in the Dallas, TX region? Contact the professionals at Creative Construction & Remodeling.

Siding is crucial component of exterior home design. After a while, however, the exterior layer on your home will begin to wear. It may even need to be replaced. If it is 10 more years old, it might be time to call a siding contractor.

Signs that your home’s exterior siding needs repair or replacement:

  • Warped / broken panels. Panels that are no longer flat against the residence no longer provide adequate protection from outdoor elements such as wind, rain and snow. Age and wear-and-tear can cause panels to become damaged or bent.
  • Mold/mildew. If there is mold or mildew growing, or if you can smell it growing on the outside of your house, excess moisture in that particular area may be to blame. Loose or bent material can allow water to accumulate, causing water damage. This impacts the integrity of the structure and can cause more serious problems.
  • Aesthetic issues. Old or worn material can cause the outer appearance of your residence to suffer, even if it is not actually damaged. Dented or scuffed siding impacts the overall aesthetic quality of the structure’s design. A dull gray, for example, looks many shades darker next to a pure white panel. An upgrade will reinvigorate your home’s design.

Having an intact and reliable exterior is crucial to the appearance and structural integrity of your home. It will keep your house safe from the elements, aids in keeping warm or cool air in the home and will impress your neighbors.

Whether you are long overdue for replacing damaged siding, or just want to reinvent the look of your home, contact a professional Dallas exterior siding contractor. Call Creative Construction & Remodeling today!

Dallas Landscaping Contractor

landscaping contractor

Are you looking for a reliable landscaping contractor in Dallas, Texas? Turn to the professionals at Creative Construction & Remodeling for all of your landscaping needs. We can create a design that is tailor-made at your request. Our services include:

  • Landscape Design. Design a new look for your entire property.
  • Garden Design. Get expert advice on Texas plants, flowers and foods.
  • Outdoor Living Spaces. Add a patio or outdoor living space for summer evenings.
  • Landscape Lighting. Including walkway lights and outdoor fixtures.
  • Landscape Structures. Fire pits, boulders and more.
  • Water Features. Add a small pond or flowing water to your living space.
  • Waterproofing & Drainage. Ensure proper drainage to avoid property damage.

It is never too soon to start thinking about a new seasonal design for your home landscape. Remodeling and landscaping can be a stressful process, but with the experts at Creative Construction & Remodeling on your side, it can be a lot of fun. We have the knowledge and the skill required to transform your property design. Whether that means minimizing slopes, adding privacy, improving drainage, or highlighting certain outdoor areas, we have both the vision and the passion to complete a project that meets your standards. Our professional designers are experienced using an assortment of methods and materials to scale your property and create a functional and aesthetic design for your landscape.

The sooner you give us a call, the sooner we can get started on the design for your home landscape. Our contemporary landscape design and installation will transform your property into the retreat that you always dreamed of. Do you need a Dallas, TX landscaping contractor? Call us today at 972-342-7232 to schedule an appointment or speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives.

Dallas Home Building Contractors

Home Building Contractors

At Creative Construction & Remodeling, the goal of our Dallas custom home building contractors is to exceed your expectations during every step of the process. We will ensure that your custom home meets your vision exactly.

You can count on the knowledge and experience of the custom home building contractors at Creative Remodeling & Construction for all of your residential design and construction needs.

Our professional home building contractors are dedicated to making sure that you are satisfied with your new home. We will work with you to design the residence of your dreams, considering everything from the front door to the kitchen floor. Our staff will walk you through each stage of the process. We will keep you up-to-date on all financial matters as well. We will show you what design options are available based on several factors, including your budget, the climate and geography.

At Creative Remodeling & Construction, our passion lies in creating unique, high quality homes that will last for generations. Our top priority is making sure your expectations are met and exceeded. We will leave you with the custom home that you have always wished for. To achieve this, our staff works closely with buyers, realtors and vendors to see that your needs are satisfied. Our design and construction process is proven to be highly effective and efficient, but we never stop perfecting new methods to improve the quality of our process and the satisfaction of our customers, particularly in a constantly shifting industry.

Why wait? If you have been thinking about building your dream home in the Dallas, TX area, give us a call today! Our custom home building contractors are ready to address any questions or concerns that you may have about our services, or about designs that you have in mind for your home. We will discuss your vision to discover an aesthetic and practical way to make your dreams come to life. Contact us and speak to a representative today at 972-342-7232.

Basement Finishing in Dallas, TX

basement finishing

We offer fast, dependable and professional basement finishing services in the Dallas, TX region. Contact the basement remodeling contractors at Creative Construction & Remodeling today!

Despite making up to a third of your living space, basements are one of the most ignored parts of a home. For years, we Creative Construction & Remodeling have dedicated ourselves and applied our expertise to transform basements in and around Dallas, TX area. With your input in mind, we will design your basement’s floor plan, hand-pick the highest quality materials and manage the entire project. We will help you decide what works for your house and present you with creative basement finishing ideas that will suit your personal style.

In order to convert your basement into a better and more enjoyable space, there are a number of factors that must be considered. Here is a list of the most important elements that we take into account when working on your basement finishing project.

  • Waterproofing and flood prevention
  • Trim and decorative moldings
  • Proper planning of your space and storage areas
  • Convenient climate control
  • Clear planning for phone and computer cables
  • Optional play rooms for children with magnetic walls and chalkboards
  • Modifications of bathrooms
  • Selecting proper flooring materials
  • Laundry and mud rooms
  • Framing concerns to reduce bulkheads
  • Proper space allocation for basement home theaters and appropriate lighting
  • Creative ideas for shelving

Is time for a basement remodel? If you are located anywhere near Dallas, TX and are in need of basement finishing services, you can schedule a consultation with our experts today. We will be happy to discuss your basement remodeling ideas. Contact us online us or call 972-342-7232.

Window Replacement in Dallas, TX

window replacement

Professional window replacement services in the Dallas, TX region. Contact the window installation contractors at Creative Construction & Remodeling today!

There are a thousand reasons why you should consider window replacement. Maybe you have noticed that the panes do not sparkle quite as much as they used to. Maybe you have been slowly feeling the pinch as far your electric bill is concerned. Maybe the neighbor’s kid has driven a ball right through your window, shattering it into a thousand different pieces.

You have undoubtedly thought about making several improvements to your home. If the installation of new windows is one of those improvements, you should know that using a professional window installation service is the best way to go. Before you go out and hire a substandard home improvement company, however, you should know that the ideal window replacement professional should be able to offer you the following:

Excellent window installation. Whether you want single or double-hung windows or bow or bay windows, a professional window specialist should be able to give you many window installation options so that you can find one that matches your vision.

Window repair services. Sometimes, it is not about new windows. It is about the repair of old favored ones. A professional window replacement contractor should be able to repair your current windows to make them more energy efficient while keeping the same style.

Installation of sliding doors. If you are going to upgrade, why not go “all the way”? Sliding doors are a wonderful addition to your home’s aesthetic appeal. Your window replacement company should be able to install a new sliding door for you as well.

Whether it is for curb appeal or for efficiency, when you consider professional window replacement in Dallas, TX, choose a company that offers you great value for money. Consider Creative Construction & Remodeling.

Deck Builder in Dallas, TX

deck builder dallas tx

Custom Dallas Deck Builder With a Personalized Touch

No deck is too big or small for us. Call a deck builder from Creative Construction & Remodeling today and begin the process of owning a gorgeous custom deck in Dallas, TX!

Did you know that more than two million decks are built and replaced in the U.S every year? After all, a perfectly constructed deck beautifully bridges the gap between the indoors and outdoors, providing a comfortable and inviting space to enjoy your backyard. More importantly, it affords you the opportunity to increase the square footage of your home without building additions or renovations.

Far from being a rectangle in the back of the house, a deck has to synchronize with the way you live. Unlike other rooms in your home, your deck has to handle exposure to the elements as well. That is why you will benefit from our expertise. The deck builders at Creative Construction & Remodeling begin each project with a personalized consultation in which we listen to your ideas and ensure that the deck we build best fits your lifestyle. Simply put, we pay attention to the small details in order to make your dream deck a reality.

As deck building professionals, we understand the importance of quality assurance when looking for deck building materials. That is why we handpick the highest quality materials and combine your needs and desires with our knowledge and expertise to create the perfect deck. For example, if you desire a maintenance-free deck with high anti-slip properties, a composite deck might just be the thing for you. You can always count on us regardless of your requirements.

At Creative Construction & Remodeling, we understand how crucial personal touches and attention to detail are when building a deck. That is why our custom deck builders construct additions with your needs in mind. If you live in the Dallas, TX region, contact us today!

Kitchen Remodel Ideas

For many of us, the kitchen is the most frequently used room in the house. While it needs to be a functional space, it is also important that it looks good. Fortunately, there are many ways in which you can update your kitchen without spending a large amount of money. We have pulled together some of the best ideas available in order to inspire a kitchen design.

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Quick Furniture Cleaning Guidelines

Keeping furniture clean will not only make the rooms look far more attractive, but you can also make their lifespan much longer by comparison to before. Although working on cleaning the whole furniture will be pretty hard to deal with, the truth is you will still have a lot to gain, but you will also have to be properly prepared for it. The following guidelines will give you a chance to work on everything fairly easily:

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Tips for Setting a Bathroom Remodel Budget

Bathroom remodeling or any other home improvement project is usually a worthwhile investment. Even though the remodeling might significantly escalate the resale value of your home, it is important to ensure that it is done at a reasonable budget. One big advantage of being an educated consumer is that it does not only enable you to secure the right products or get the job done; it helps you to get it done at the right price.

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