The Kitchen Remodeling Process

There are seven primary steps that must be followed in order to ensure a smooth flow of your kitchen remodeling process. These steps include:

1. Obtaining legal authorization for the kitchen remodel.

There are different kitchen renovation permit regulations for every city or town. This step involves the conversion of your remodeling design into documents giving the details of construction. The documents are then submitted to the appropriate authorities who will issue a construction permit and finalize the approval.

2. Demolition process.

This second step is applicable in the early phase of kitchen remodeling and involves the disconnection of all gas, electrical and water lines joining the existing ranges, lights, receptacles and sinks. All of the old appliances, cabinets, floor coverings, countertops and lights are removed.

3. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing.

This step entails bringing cables, pipes and wires to their appropriate locations. At this stage, the project manager will perform inspections to make sure that the work is carried out properly.

4. The closing of the kitchen remodel.

This step involves dry-walling any walls that are open, painting and laying down the flooring and patching any holes. Once this process is done, we will adjust the base cabinets at the topmost part of the new floor. We will take measurements of cabinet tops for fabrication. While waiting for the completed countertops, the wall cabinets will be adjusted and the appliances installed.

5. Completion stage.

After the countertop installation, we will set tiles at the kitchen backsplash and install the faucet. We will also connect the appliances and install the device plates and light fixtures. A final touch up marks the completion of the kitchen remodeling process.

Start enjoying your refurbished kitchen.

A final inspection will be completed and then you will get to see your new beautiful kitchen.

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