How to Make a Small House Appear More Spacious

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If your house is small or it feels cramped, there are several steps you can take to make use of the available space and make your home’s interior look larger. These steps include the following. Make use of shelves. Shelves are a great option for storing items in an orderly manner. They can save you […]

Texas Housing Market Continues to Grow in 2016

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It is unlikely that Texas housing markets will slow down in the near future, with the most recent Quarterly Housing Report from the Texas Association of Realtors showing the market is only becoming stronger. This has occurred despite a fallback in the Texas economy. Considering the latest deceleration of the Texas economy, the feat of […]

2016 is a Record Year For Real Estate in North Texas

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North Texas is experiencing a surge in home real estate prices, Dallas News reports. The area of the state witnessed the average price for a home soar up 12 percent in September. That figure marks the biggest year-over-year 2016 gain in what has turned out to be a record year for the housing market. The […]

Dallas Handyman Services

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Handyman services consist of minor or major home improvement projects, including repairs, updates, or renovations, that generally take less than 8 hours of labor to complete. Finding a qualified and trustworthy contractor to complete these projects can be a frustrating experience. Reputable and insured contractors with large scale companies cannot always perform smaller jobs at […]

Water Damage Inspections: What to Know

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This summer, Texas experienced disastrous flooding. Texas homeowners’ troubles did not end after the water receded. Home flood damage, even from minor flooding, can be an incredibly costly problem. The level of damage a house suffers from flooding largely depends on the type and extent of the leak. That is why it is always a […]

Indoor Staircase Restoration and Maintenance Tips

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Frequently used to access separate floors in your home, your indoor staircase is both a focal point and a high traffic area. Its heavy use can sometimes take a toll, and staircases can become dull and damaged over time. Fortunately there are several ways to revitalize your staircase. In some cases, you may only need […]

Texas is Very Popular With Foreign Homebuyers

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DALLAS – Not only is it ranked as one of the best places for first-time local homebuyers; Texas is a top target for many foreign homebuyers. This could be due to the range of deserts or the luxury resorts in the state. Either way, a huge number of foreigners are purchasing homes in the Lone […]

$1.3 Billion Property Investment Made Near McKinney, TX

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DALLAS – The Dallas Morning News recently reported a $1.3 billion property investment in the McKinney, TX region. This deal will result in a new retail development and 4,000 new homes. Johnson Development and Tricon Capital move in on the Trinity Falls project. The Trinity Falls site was established near Highway 75 in 2014. The […]

Dallas Plumber

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Do you need a Dallas plumber? Creative Construction & Remodeling is a professional plumbing company serving the Dallas–Fort Worth–Arlington, TX region. As a Dallas plumber, Creative Construction Remodeling can handle any plumbing project or problem you are experiencing in your home or commercial structure. Our Dallas Plumbing Services Include: Bathroom plumbing. Bathroom plumbing services include: […]

Home Roofing Contractors

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Home Roofing Contractors in Dallas, TX Did you know that a damaged roof jeopardizes the integrity of your building structure? A leaking roof can damage your walls and even collapse, endangering everybody in your house. Before or when your roof system fails, call professional home roofing contractors right away. Creative Construction & Remodeling provides services […]